Men's Fall 2019 Cursillo
Men's Fall 2019 Cursillo
Harry Stice
October 03, 2019
Rollo Room Team Rollo Room Role Service Team

Bob Welker

Brent Baer

Chris Basanese

Claus Dahm

Doug Arant

Juan Lopez

Kyle Coulter

Matt Larkin

Mike O'Connell

Mike Roberts

Phil Decker

Rob Lim

Table Leader


Total Security (4th Day & Ultreya)

Christianity in Action

The Cursillista Beyond Cursillo




Study of the Environment

Table Leader

The Layperson in the Church


Adam Arant

Brian Wolk

Bryan Rios

Dave Roberts

Freddie Clegg

John Burrough

Karlos Tapia

Marcos Rodriguez

Matt Gigliotti

Mike Hartley

Mike Moody

Richard Morales

Scott Beaumont

Tim Gale

Core Team Core Role

Don Boisvert

Eugene Plevyak

Fr. Dave Mercer

Harry Stice

Jeff Jacobs

Jeff Lola

Joe Milioto

John Greene

Nick Soffiotto

Sam Nickolas

Assistant Head Cook

Liturgy Coordinator

Spiritual Advisor


Music Director

Palanca Coordinator

Assistant Liturgy Coordinator

Assistant Rector/a

Head Cook

Assistant Music Director