Men's Spring 2019 Cursillo
Men's Spring 2019 Cursillo
Marty Dale
April 04, 2019
Rollo Room Team Rollo Room Role Service Team

Dean Corpuz

E.J. Van Horne

Ed Wendler

James R. Towner

John Hesler

Joseph Stephen

Kelly Robertson

Mike Johansen

Paul Milioto

Sam Nickolas

Ted Sherman



Table Leader

Christianity in Action


The Cursillista Beyond Cursillo

The Layperson in the Church

Study of the Environment


Total Security (4th Day & Ultreya)


Bob Chain

Bob Mason

Buzz Bickham

Chris Schmitz

David Ruybalid

Don Wolk

J. C. Hoffman

James Sawaya

Joseph Siqueiros

Kevin Cox

Lawrence Cabral

Mike Rose

Nick Soffiotto

Phil Stalions

Rocky Rivera

Steve Duffy

Core Team Core Role

Brian Donnelly

Chris Lavond

Chris Tabone

Fr Andrew V Nguyen

Francis Matus

Loren Van Huystee

Marty Dale

Mike Haas

Mike Kurtz

Thang Nguyen

Assistant Music Director

Palanca Coordinator

Liturgy Coordinator

Spiritual Advisor

Assistant Rector/a

Music Director


Assistant Spiritual Advisor

Assistant Head Cook

Head Cook