Women's Spring 2016 Cursillo
Women's Spring 2016 Cursillo
Delana Romero
April 28, 2016
Candidate Name Candidate Sponsor Candidate Parish
Sharon Aeria Fr Saju Joseph St Julie Billiart
Andree Barker Dee Stolpe Holy Family
Elisa Baroni Becky Mason Holy Spirit
Lisa Basanese Chris Basanese Outside of Diocese
Sr. Maria Benedicta Sr. Carol Ann Kos St Clare
Roselyn Bergmann Mary J Grunthaner St Christopher
Krysia Binkiewicz Beata Vieira St Thomas of Canterbury
Annie Cameron Mary Beaumont Santa Teresa
Johanna Carvajal Joanne Costantino St Thomas of Canterbury
Loretta Corrales Delana Romero Holy Family
Renaissa Fambrini Mary Beaumont Santa Teresa
Maun Ferris Gina Boisvert Christ Child
Stephanie Francois Rory Dominguez Holy Spirit
Sara George Gina Boisvert Christ Child
Monica Gonzalez Jose Antonio Gonzalez Holy Spirit
Gail Kilbourn Susan Winklebleck Queen of Apostles
Catherine Kim Mary Ellen Bray Queen of Apostles
Ruth Mann Diane McGinty St Mary (Gilroy)
Kellee Markos Jan Reynolds Holy Spirit
Carolyn Otto Maile Figone St Frances Cabrini
Jade Pham Thang Nguyen Vietnamese Mission
Pam Rowell Jesse Orendain Outside of Diocese
Leah Rowell Jesse Orendain Outside of Diocese
Lourdes Thevanayagam Ayla Le Our Lady of Peace
Rollo Room Team Rollo Room Role Service Team

Kathy Cargnoni

Cathy Cioth

Jane Cosgrove

Wendy Davis

Irene Duran

Julie Goschy-Stalions

Marie Jobson

Benita Kent

Irene Manzo-Jacobs

Josephine Okafor

Peg Schrader

Michele Troutman

Total Security (4th Day & Ultreya)


Table Leader


Christianity in Action

The Cursillista Beyond Cursillo


Study of the Environment


The Layperson in the Church


Table Leader

Kim Avoy

Stephanie Barajas

Janine Bray

Dianne Brewer-Donnelly

Martha Escobedo

Anne Flemmer

Rosemary Hernandez

Cara Pugh

Rosalie Rich

Carolina Scipioni

Jessica Rae Stalions

Gina Thomas

Anna Vandivier

Janet Wolk

Core Team Core Role

Cathy Allen

Sheri Burns

Cathy Campbell

Frances Corpuz

Kathleen Faust

Kerrie Lyons

Delana Romero

Rita Russo

Fr. Matt Stanley

Heather Wright

Carol Yanz

Head Cook

Assistant Music Director

Palanca Coordinator

Liturgy Coordinator

Music Director

Assistant Head Cook


Legacy Rollo Consultant

Spiritual Advisor

Liturgy Coordinator

Assistant Rector/a