Women's Spring 2015 Cursillo
Women's Spring 2015 Cursillo
Mary J Grunthaner
April 30, 2015
Candidate Name Candidate Sponsor Candidate Parish
Silvana Arevalo Tom Simpkins NA
Bethany Basanese Sharon Sullivan Outside of Diocese
Gerri Ernst Brian Toby St Martin of Tours
Kathleen Faust Fr. Bob Leger Resurrection (Sunnyvale)
Michelle Galvan Alicia Morales St Frances Cabrini
Kim Garay Suzanne Guzman St Lucy
Julie Gowett Marie Keith St Julie Billiart
Sister Therese Improgo Mary Beaumont NA
Sister Joanne Scott Beaumont St Clare
Laryn Kovalik Tom Simpkins St Martin of Tours
Annemarie Lampo Tina Kobetsky Resurrection (Sunnyvale)
Elizabeth McPeak Joann McPeak NA
Kerrie Mills Regina Boisvert Christ Child
Janice Murray Becky Robertson Mason St Nicholas
Josephine Okafor Rita Russo Holy Family
Trisha Quilici Beata Vieira St Thomas of Canterbury
Julie Ritter Cathy Campbell Queen of Apostles
Raquel Romano Chris Aguilar St Justin
Anita Romero Ginny Yandow Santa Teresa
Peg Schrader Mary J Grunthaner St Christopher
Louise Segreto Elaine Burce St Mary (Gilroy)
Gabrielle Singer Mickey Salem Santa Teresa
Nannette Singer Sandy Tinapay NA
Dorie Sugay Cathy Allen St Mary (Gilroy)
Kathy Tumason Jeanette Roberts Christ Child
Melissa Urbain Katyana Norris St Christopher
Rollo Room Team Rollo Room Role Service Team

Dianne Brewer-Donnelly

Margrete Cadena

Sharon Coulter

Joni Hildreth

Sharon Lydon

Nancy Montalvo

Jennie Moody

Cara Pugh

Becky Robertson Mason

Sandy Simpkins

Jennifer Ventura

Jane Wendler

Amy Yamamura


Total Security (4th Day & Ultreya)

Study of the Environment



Christianity in Action

Table Leader

The Cursillista Beyond Cursillo

Table Leader


The Layperson in the Church

Table Leader


Camille Diamond

Gabrielle Fidiam-Smith

Kim Hurley

Benita Kent

Anna Marie Kirkham

Christina Llerena

Serena Rodriguez

Siobhan Scrosoppi

Diane Stalions

Jill Van Huystee

Roxanne Vane

Pat Varesio

Core Team Core Role

Norma Basanese

Fr. Chris Bennett

Janine Bray

Wendy Davis

Mary J Grunthaner

Claire Husted

Gay Katilius

Mary-Kathryn Lee

Lyn O'Connell

Sharon Sullivan

Carol Yanz

Music Director

Spiritual Advisor

Assistant Head Cook

Palanca Coordinator


Legacy Rollo Consultant

Liturgy Coordinator

Assistant Music Director

Liturgy Coordinator

Assistant Rector/a

Head Cook