Men's Fall 2014 Cursillo
Men's Fall 2014 Cursillo
Brian Donnelly
October 09, 2014
Candidate Name Candidate Sponsor Candidate Parish
Chris Aguilar Randhir Vieira St Frances Cabrini
Kyle Coulter Derek Korbel Holy Spirit
Michael Couture Rajesh John Resurrection (Sunnyvale)
Rich Every Scott Beaumont Holy Spirit
Peter Fernandez Jeff Jacobs Santa Teresa
Sam Florio German Scipioni Holy Spirit
Leonard (Curt) Foster J. C. Hoffman NA
Dony George Siji Tom Resurrection (Sunnyvale)
Michael Kelsey Fr. Bob Leger Resurrection (Sunnyvale)
Kevin Kinsella Dave Roberts Christ Child
Richard Lahey Paul Dominic Queen of Apostles
Hubert Lipinski Bill Daley St William
Bob Maguire Paul Milioto St Justin
Mike McElroy Charlie Safford NA
Paul McKiernan Harry Coulter Holy Family
Fr. Dave Mercer Bill Wright St Thomas of Canterbury
Mark Morrow Annie Henzel St Victor
Sanjay Noronha Bob Fields Holy Spirit
Eugene Okafor Toby Laufer Holy Family
Jeff Pelger Nick Soffiotto St Simon
Richard Racz Jerry Lane Holy Family
Jose Renteria Mike Yambra St Joseph Cathedral
Tom Roberts Mickey Salem NA
Pete Rodriguez Alicia Wong Santa Teresa
E.J. Van Horne Jim Lucarotti Holy Spirit
John Williams Dave Hammons NA
Rollo Room Team Rollo Room Role Service Team

Chris Basanese

Thomas M Brant

Larry Cargnoni

Mike Emery

Michael Hurley

Chris Lavond

Robert Lim

Joe Milioto

Paul Milioto

Steve Montalvo

Clyde Plant

Brian Toby

Mike Tomasello

Christianity in Action


The Cursillista Beyond Cursillo

Table Leader


Table Leader

Study of the Environment

Table Leader

Total Security (4th Day & Ultreya)



The Layperson in the Church


Harry Coulter

Sal Covarrubias

Allen Cox

Marty Dale

Bill Glover

John Lyons

Tom Neary

Fausto Padilla

Charlie Safford

Phil Stalions

Mark Wong

Core Team Core Role

Don Baczynski

Chris Basanese

Brian Donnelly

Fr. Joe Kim

Fr. Bob Leger

Michael Lyons

Dave Roberts

Mickey Salem

Chris Schmitz

Loren Van Huystee

Don Wolk

Assistant Music Director

Liturgy Coordinator


Spiritual Advisor

Spiritual Advisor

Head Cook

Legacy Rollo Consultant

Music Director

Palanca Coordinator

Assistant Head Cook

Assistant Rector/a